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7 Easy Steps in Creating Your Holiday Facebook Marketing Campaign

Holiday season is coming! And because Christmas is the season to be financially careless, expect busy sidewalks, crowded malls and a lot of product exposure. Holiday shopping will be everywhere as it holds excitement and opportunity for everyone.

So better gear up and put your social media marketing face on because there is that “smart crowd” who thinks that going to mall and department stores is quite a hassle. For them online research is a better way to check products and services before going to stores and join the crowd.

Now this is your chance to be in the scene especially if you sell products/services on social media like Facebook. It is another opportunity to heat up your marketing strategy and attract your target audience.

Here are the seven tips on how to be an effective Facebook marketer this holiday season:


1. Know your goal

Be sure you have a clear goal. This must be the centrepiece of your strategy. Think of something that you want to achieve. How will you be able to do that? Don’t be afraid to outline everything you want to happen in your campaign. If you fail to do this, lot of ideas will come to your mind and it will only make your campaign unorganized. This can distract your strategy and your whole implementation. Without proper goal, you can never create clear strategy and better expect to fail.


2. Create a Strategy

If you’re done and finally decided on your target goal, you can now develop a strategy. Think of something you want to do with your campaign to make it successful. It is important that you plan your campaign that can relate with the trends today. Look at the bigger picture and do not focus on your typical customer offering. What do you want to offer to your customers? Be in their shoes and think of something that will excite them more. Remember, creativity is important.

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3. Choose a Theme and Focus on it

One of the common mistakes in a campaign strategy is that they fail to stick with their theme. Don’t be confused with the bunch of ideas coming to your mind. Yes, holiday season is about happiness so your theme must be lively, exciting and friendly. But have you ever think of a gimmick that is effective to your brand? Why not offer an exclusive service/product? How about discounts, buy one take one or a coupon? Also, do not forget that you need your audience’s attention and how they will engage to your brand. Maybe you want to create video or images to make your campaign more understandable? Your theme will play a big role in your campaign.


4. Create Funny and Attractive Images

The best way to attract your audience on Facebook is through images that can be easily noticed. Change your cover and profile photo and create something that fits to your theme. You can also share humorous photos on your page so people won’t hesitate to check your campaign. Aside from colourful images make your captions/messages entertaining and happy. Share images where your offers/discounts are highlighted. If you fail to give an impact, they may just continue scrolling without looking at your campaign.


5. Act Like a Friend and not as a Serious Marketer

Acting serious in your Facebook marketing is a big NO. The key here is to realize that your audience needs people who can help them with their needs. Make sure that anything you share will give them good mood, bright idea and a feeling that they like to spend. Put in mind that people check Facebook because they want to be entertained and check their friends/families activities. If you put so much seriousness with your campaign, you will never get their attention. Share something cheerful and make them feel comfortable. ☺

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6. Boosting is an Option

Boosting your campaign/promotion may be an option. This is ideal for Facebook pages with few likes and still need to promote the page itself. Well, you may spend money for it but it may help your campaign though. You may choose who and how many people will see your new campaign. More exposure, more opportunity to get potential leads, clients or customers.


7. Be Accessible

As soon as you catch your audience’s attention, they’ll surely ask about it. They may send message through your inbox or simply comment on your post. Don’t let them wait; answer them quickly. Your audience may have a lot of options so if you’re not that fast to answer their inquiries, they may choose your competitor. Well, if you’re busy since it’s holiday and you need to prepare for it too, don’t forget to bring your smartphone and tablet. Through this, you can monitor your page and can interact with your audience anytime.

The more people get interested in your campaign, the more you will prove that your marketing strategy is effective. Don’t let the opportunity pass because holiday (Christmas season) happens only once a year. Make your holiday season challenging and fulfilling through Facebook marketing. ☺


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