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4 Ways To Make Your Business More Visible FINANCIAL WISDOM TIPS

Hi people, how are we doing?
In this section of the blog, I share tips that will help micro,small and medium enterprises excel in business. In this post I will be sharing on how to make your business more visible.


Recently, a hairdresser shared with me how bad her business has been. She told me she virtually has no customer coming these days. I was touched by that. Because, she is a single lady who caters for her own needs. No more customers could mean no more regular meals for her.


I was also surprised that she complained about lack of customers. Because, she is very skilled in her craft. In fact, she is a veteran in making one particular hair do. I asked her, ‘Do you display your poster,banner any thing to show you are a hair dresser’

She said ‘’No’. Her reason; people already knew her as a hair dresser.

I asked her, ‘How about new customers?’ How will they know you are a hair dresser if there is nothing to indicate it?

We finally agreed that she should always keep her flyers outside.

It is not just enough to be skilled in what you do. Making your business visible is necessary for success.

Here are some ways to make your business visible:

* Be diligent in what you do : Always Insist on quality delivery and customer satisfaction. A satisfied customer is one major tool to make your business more visible. I shared here how I got an apprentice through a free advert done by a satisfied customer.


* Sharpen your unique selling proposition(USP) : A unique selling proposition is that element in your business that differentiates it from other businesses. Your USP is also another tool that makes your business visible. You need to outline what customers benefit from your business that they won’t get from other businesses. For the hair dresser in our story, she can come out with a unique idea among other competitors. Because, the problem is not that ladies are not making hair again, the problem is that theyare not coming to her to make their hair. She can innovate a unique selling proposition that will make her stand out among other hair dressers and attract customers to her. In the locality where we stay, I’ve never been to a hair salon where customers are followed up. She can exploit this gap. She can decide to follow up every customer with an sms that reads, ‘Thank you for doing your hair with us, hope you enjoyed our services. We are committed to satisfy you. Please come around next time’. She can come up with this as a competitive advantage. She will not only attract new customers, she will also have loyal customers. Another unique idea is to introduce a mobile chain to the business. She can render home service to customers. This is another competitive advantage.
* Interact with others in the field. If your business has a union, join them. How does this make your business visible?In the course of interaction with your colleagues, you learn new things. You can even get connected to clients and customers. One day I went to the salon to make my hair. But I noticed the woman was reluctant to make the hair. Then I discovered she has not really mastered that particular style I asked her to make.She was still preparing to start, when another hair dresser entered the salon. She heaved a sigh of relief and asked the lady to please make the style for her.

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I was also glad the lady came. She did it so neatly and cheerfully. Afterwards I got her contact.

Interacting well with others in the same line of business with you can make you access opportunities and clients you never knew exist.

* Exploit social media and e-commerce platforms.

Make your friends advertise for you on social media. This is a very cheap and efficient way of advertising. When your friends talk about your business on their timelines, the friends of your friend will get to read it. You will get a lot of people aware of your product or services.


You can create a page on facebook where you talk about your business.

You can also get a shop in e-market platforms like www. konga.com.

You can follow this link to watch a video tutorial on how to get a shop on konga.


I encourage you, By all legitimate means make your business visible.


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