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Top Tips To Design An App Logo Perfectly Good

There are a few factors which you can think about pushing when you are considering optimizing the website and rank it better on the search engine result pages. One of such important factor is visuals and it is said to play crucial role in the overall app performance in the market.

The quality of the visuals used in the app will decide whether it will be discarded by the users or will become the only reason for increased app downloads.

As per the study of Colorcom, it is said that for around 93% of the users, visual elements is said to have positive impact when it comes to making buying decision and choosing different products. When it comes to app users, more than half of them find the desired one easily on the app store. For the same reason it is sensible to have each and every visual element of the app page done best and have app screenshots, app icon and introductory videos placed carefully when designing one.

The most important and impactful element from what have been mentioned above is definitely the app icon and so when you are designing the app icon, you need to do it in the best manner so as to leave the message you are serious about what you do.

Your whole existence on the app store is based on the app icon and this will be the first thing the app users will see when they see your app and visit the app page.

If you fail to perform at it at the first place, you will be losing your visitors and there will not be even a single app download.

If you have an amazing app icon, the users will think that the quality of app is amazing and it will encourage to more app downloads in the future.

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It is important to make sure that the app icon is attractive, easy to be recognized and yes unique too. It should be able to communicate the basic app functionality easily and this is done with professionalism by App Developer Atlanta.

Some of the tips which you can make use of when it comes to optimizing the app icon are mentioned below:

Some of the critical challenges to look forward to in case of app development for startups are:

Come up with a unique one

It is not an easy task to come with app design which is unique and stands out in the app store. You need to come up with a better app design and choose the color scheme wisely but, while doing all these you need to be sure your app is quite and easily recognizable. It should be able to express the concept of the app completely. This may seem to be hard, right?

Don’t go ahead with your customization ideas. Having so many extra elements in the app icon can turn your app icon to a confusing one for the app users. This will then in turn affect the conversion rates. Again, having nothing in the icon can be bad too and affect the conversions and so everything has to be balanced.

Opt for minimal design

Having too many elements within the app icon cannot be a comfortable thing with the app users. This means you need to add in elements that are important. To get the best impact out of your app icon, it is said that you make use of just two colors in the icon or maximum of three colors.

Coming up with an app icon with overwhelming app design is a big no-no. Make it a point that you make use of minimum elements within your app design to convey the core concept of the app to the users.

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Logo design should go with branding consistently

When we talk about branding, you need to build emotional and physical familiarity about the app with the users so as to satisfy and make them stay with the brand. Things are not much different with the app icon. It is important that brand and app icon should go hand in hand. If you have not come up with a brand yet, it would be better that you keep the color schemes on the app and website the same so that your users will be able to find a connection between them. Once they know you, they have a connection with your app; they will be more inclined to stay with you rather than being with your competitors. Once the users have built a strong emotional relation with the website, they will be positive about opening the app and using it for different activities.

Make sure the app is scalable

The app of yours will show up at the app store in different sizes and different places. This means you should think about the design of the app icon and ensure that it looks great in all sizes and shapes. The icons which have so many elements can turn out to be having an issue and the users will find it difficult to understand what the app icon is all about especially when it is of smaller size. When you are at the stage of conceptualizing the app icon you should think about app icon scalability first. It is important to ensure the app icon looks amazing everywhere. So just apart from the normal size of 1024px, think about developing app icons in other sizes too.

Test using different backgrounds

Users don’t want to end up with an app which they cannot see properly on the phone screen. For users it is common to keep on changing the wallpaper and if your app is not compatible with the color schemes then they will have a hard time finding yours. So you need to come up with color schemes which work well with all the popular colors out there and cease to hide. You need to keep in mind that when you are taking this step, you are keeping the efforts of the users to minimum in finding your app.

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When you carry out your app testing you make it a point to check that there are no issues related to the app’s design and UX factors.

Sometimes it is not possible to change the color of the app icon because of some kind of branding limitations. In such case, think about the steps taken by Adobe when designing the icon of their various products. The icon came up with darker shade of color and so to make the app distinctive, they added up colourful and catchy border to the icon which is not at all easy to get missed.

To ensure your app stands out in the crowd just be sure you add in right borders for the app icon.



So always keep in mind that the 1024px icon is what is going to represent your brand and your business existence on the app store. So just be sure you keep your users on mind when coming up with the app icon design and work on it till you make it better. At the first place it is all about convincing the app users to download the app, install it on their phone and start using, so that you can make progress gradually.

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