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Top Challenges Faced By Startups When Developing Mobile Apps

The increased popularity of smartphones in the market has clearly been the main reason for the rise of mobile apps in the market. By taking look at the most successful apps in the market, it can be quite easy for everyone to think that mobile app development is an easy thing. There are chances that even the best developed mobile apps may not get successful that easily. When it comes to first innovative mobile app development, it can be an exciting thing apart from being challenging.

So for the same reason, for startups it is very important to have an idea about what challenges can come across their mobile app development.

Some of the critical challenges to look forward to in case of app development for startups are:

Development approach

The world of mobile apps is quite big and before you start working on it you have plenty of things to choose from. For any business it is important to take the right step right from the beginning. For developers as well as app owners there are many platforms and frameworks to choose from. For developers it can turn out to be a difficult task to choose the right option. Before you start with the mobile app development, it is important for you to set the development approach as well as set timelines for the same.

When you are set with the development approach you need to think about your business first and what are your future plans. At this point you need to think about whether you want to go for native app development or hybrid app development or do you want to go for web based mobile app development. At this point you need to think about UI of the app as well as UX needs. You also need to take care of other needs which are related to the mobile app development. Keep in mind that by taking the right steps you will be able to take your app development in the right direction. Before you do anything keep in mind the three key things to do – research, analysis and implementation of the ideas.

Screen size

It is important for you to do a research about the likings of UI elements of your users before starting with.

You need to try to get the feedback of your target audience for the same. It is important for any startup to make sure that their app works well on smartphones and tablets in the same manner. You also need to take care of screen size, resolutions and pixel densities.

Making the initial technical decisions

Since it is the first app development project, many startups have no idea about what it is all about planning. When it comes to app development there are many ways that can be followed and so when there is a proper planning in place app development may not seem to be a big issue at all. For app development there are many programming languages to choose from and so it is important for you to make the decision first. At any cost planning is important and you should do it by asking all the important questions first. Decide on the development approach you feel to be good and then make sure you stick to its technologies, frameworks and languages. If there is no proper planning in place then you will have to face the issues with maintenance, performance and scalability in future.

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Not having an idea when to look for help

Everyone have their bunch of strengths and weaknesses. It is important for you to have an idea about how much you can do for your app and what all you can do. Once you know that you can leave the rest to the hands of professionals. Keep in mind that there is nothing wrong in getting help for the things you feel you cannot complete on yourself. Some of the startups just plan to hire professionals for the programming task and decide to take up the rest of the jobs like marketing, copywriting and designing on their own hands. No doubt it can help you save a lot of money in the whole process but, just keep in mind that there are professionals out there who have the right experience and skills in doing those tasks and can make sure you have app success.


An app which may seem to be easy to use for you may not be the same for the end user. Just to make sure that your users will be able to properly navigate through the app you should think about a startup developer. You should keep things as simple and clear as possible and also offer instructions and helpful tutorials which can be used by the user so as to use the app in easy manner.

Choosing the time to launch the app

It is not easy to decide the time to launch the mobile app. In case you launch the app early before marketing it properly, you may fail to get enough best reviews as expected. If you spend more time to launch your app, you may end up spending more on the app before you actually start getting some real feedback. So it is really difficult to make the decision. So once you feel the app is ready, you can just let some users to go through it and let you know about the changes or additions that are needed. Once you know about that you can make them in the app before you plan to launch it.

App store optimization

This is a process to optimize your mobile app for the app stores so that it ranks higher in the search results. For any website SEO plays a crucial role and in the same manner App Store Optimization plays a crucial role in the success of mobile app in the app store. Startups which are new in the business and with very low knowledge in ASO, find it difficult to launch the app and improve ASO aspects. Some companies even forget the importance of good ASO efforts and how it helps to reach more number of devices.

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Conducting right market research is the key thing to do to know who will be able to benefit from your app. Think about the keywords that your target audience may use on the app store to find similar kind of apps. You need to make use of them in your ASO efforts so that your app gets noticed easily by the app store visitors and users. The keywords can be included in the title and meta description of the app.

Device compatibility

With so many devices available in the market, developers always have the stress to come up with a mobile app which is equally compatible with all those devices out there in the market. For a startup this can be a daunting task to ensure the developed app for their business works well on android and iOS smartphones, tablets and other portable devices.

Marketing the app

Marketing an app is not an easy thing and is expensive too. Startups which are based on a limited budget are definitely not ready to spend such a huge amount on marketing. Many startups remain with the idea that they will be able to bring in more users once they manage to create an amazing app. Most of the time, this never happens. Another thing that app owners do is to plan the app marketing on their own and this does not go well even if you are a pro at it. It is important for you to have right and reliable professionals to help you with the marketing task and promote your app on the app store.

An overcrowded market

If you take a peep into the app store you will find millions of apps out there and new ones are getting added there with every passing day. This means there are already thousands of ideas out there and is not possible to come up with a unique one just like that which is capable to solve the issues of the app users differently. You can get success with your app development by developing a better app which solves the problems better than what your competitors do.


Understand first that there is a huge difference between developing a successful app and a good app. Good app manages to get into the app store but most of them get vanished within few month time. Only the successful apps manage to stay and generate revenue for the business.

For any app development project, the main aim is to get the attention of potential users. To get the attention of the target audience, just be sure you put in all the things needed within the app.

Being the owner of the business and the app, you should have a better idea for app promotion. It is important that you involve a lot of social and viral marketing activities and PR and media planning with your app promotion. If your app is not promoted properly in the app store, then chances are more that it will fail to get attention and get lost in the crowd. To ensure your app becomes completely successful, you need to have right strategy for the same.

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App performance

One of the main things to consider when developing an app is to look for its performance. If the app is not up to the mark and does not perform well then it is not going to get success as expected. You need to plan the lifecycle of the app properly in advance and make the necessary integrations beforehand to ensure the app becomes a huge hit.

Early reviews

The app success can be determined based on the reviews you receive. The chances of your app getting downloaded by the users increase with the presence of positive review. If you get some negative reviews in the beginning of your app launch then chances is more that you may end up losing the users whom you have already managed to get using your app. So to begin with you can try to get some good reviews from your friends and family members so that even if you get some negative reviews you will be able to hang on there.

Again, just be sure that you don’t make your app complicated as it can be difficult to navigate and use. This will lead towards negative reviews. Keep the design as simple as possible. You need to be sure to use the right icons and thumbnails in your app so as to ensure user experience is not compromised at any stage.


Developing the app first and then marketing it can turn out to be an expensive thing. Many developers find this as a big challenge. Many people have app ideas on mind but they are not sure about how to bring them to reality. The first thing to take care is to have a proper strategy for app development funding. You can look for investor for your app development or even think about borrowing money from your friends or family.


During mobile app development you will have to face a good number of barriers as well as tough competition in the market. For a startup, fund is always the main concern and can be sometimes the only thing to make the app successful. It is important for you to face the hurdles and take your business to the success as a business owner. You should learn to challenge your limits with proper planning if you wish to get successful in business. Unless you learn to completely address the challenges by yourself you will not be able to increase the overall popularity of your mobile app. In short, the businesses which fail to understand the challenges and get over it, are the ones which fail without making much of a name.

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