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How To Write An Article Step By Step

Many internet marketers struggle with article writing. They will tell you that they are not sure what to write, that they don’t even know where to start or they are worried that any article they write won’t sound right. It is true that it takes some skill and organisation to churn out article after article, but all that means is that you have to start somewhere. You have to write that first article and then a second and so on; one day, you will find that you are quite good at it. This here is a step by step guide to getting that first article out. Remember, the more you write the better you get at it.



While there are a million topics that you can choose from, it is important that for that first article you select something that you know about. It gives you confidence when you are writing because you are sure that you are stating facts. You don’t have to know everything about, just some few things. If you find that the topic is too wide, narrow it down. I’m assuming that we all like food, so let’s assume that we start there. It is too wide to write about. How about if you narrowed it down to something that you like, say fish, and then even more, let’s assume that you enjoy salmon. That’s a perfect thing to write about; there are many specific things you can say about it. So let’s assume that your topic will be “Health Benefits of Eating Salmon”.

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Article writing is guided by what the reader wants. What would you want to know if you were a reader looking for information about salmon’s health benefits? What you like to know how it came to exist? Unlikely, there’s definitely a story there but it’s a story for another day, maybe even a different audience. Would you, as the reader of your article, like to know the chemical and biological make-up of salmon? Not likely either. You just want to know about the health benefits of eating salmon so make sure that you stick with that.


Because you have narrowed down to a topic and you know the exact kind of information that you want, it is easy now to do your research. There is plenty of information online that talks about the health benefits of eating salmon. What you need now are statistics (like how much salmon is eaten every year), definitions which you will find plenty of online, anecdotes if you want to put a little fun in your article and helpful tools (such as a brief salmon recipe). Don’t gather information from too many sources as it may confuse you. Later, when you are a better article writer, you can venture into numerous resources. For now, all you need is the basic information that can help you whip together an article.


This is the time to put pen to paper. You need to start with an introduction (what is salmon and where is it found) and then back that up with the statistics that you collected in your research. The way to think about it is that you are creating an interest in salmon in the reader. Ideally, they would finish reading your article and head out to buy salmon. Assume that is what you are trying to do, to get out there and buy some salmon. What would you tell them? You would let them know that it is tasty, that it is light and easy to cook and above all, that they will get these 5 or 10 benefits from frequently eating salmon. Write without fear or hesitation; readers can see these emotions in articles and they will be disinclined to believe the information that you are giving them. There is no ideal article size. Make it as long as you want but make sure that your sentences are clear and that you are not repeating yourself.

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It is important that before you review your article, you walk away from it for some time. Go and do something else completely different so that you can take your mind of your article. This way, when you review it, it will be with a fresh eye and you will have got rid of any tension that you accumulated when you were writing. You are looking for sentences that don’t make sense, that don’t flow, spelling mistakes and just generally what the article sounds like. Be careful to put yourself down here. Many times, we review something we have written and then we think it sounds awful and trash it. If you followed the article writing steps given here, it should be ok. Give yourself a pat on the back; you have just written your first article.

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