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Desktop Windows Manager Review

The desktop windows manager is an application available on Windows 7. Windows Vista primarily to access a graphical interface and better handling of operations. As a special mark of this functionality, the application displays on the screen has undergone several changes. There are customizable live taskbars and thumbnails that make for the all-new and different experience in Windows Vista. You will find several variations of aspects of this new look. Then the interesting and intriguing as one learns through their access and operations.

Desktop Windows Manager

The APIs within the desktop windows manager brings about several functions. With these users can look for information and even identify them within the application. With the help of the APIs, you can also make changes and modifications to the setup of the applications. Additionally, you can also make inquiries about each aspect of functions and features available within the application.

Desktop Windows Manager Reviews

It may be noted that only in versions like Windows 7 and those that are before it can there be disabling of the application feature. This is not possible in Windows 8 series onwards. However, there are a few applications like gaming software and programs that operate on a full-screen mode and thus take complete control of the desktop screen. They will automatically disable this feature to gain access and control for their operations.

Though the basic features of desktop windows manager can be seen in all the latest versions of Windows software package there are a few exclusive features seen in Vista for the first time and continue to remain. Among many other distinct features, there is the ‘Aero Glass’ look; this is a partially transparent appearance of the interface which makes the content appearing behind a window frame in blurred vision. This contrast between the vagueness of the background against the clarity of the open window allows a user to focus on their open window with greater concentration.

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No distraction is created with background content. There is an attractive layout of thumbnail views of the Vista toolbar available which makes for a greater impact of visual clarity and exclusive access to each application on the desktop screen.


There is a definite use of memory by the desktop windows manager. This is how it works. Normally each application takes up approximately a memory space of 30 MB to 50 MB as will be seen within the task manager. With the desktop windows manager process, you have automatically opened several Windows applications at the same time. The reason, there is a buffer in the memory space taken up by each window. In this way, the windows store their contents. For this reason, if the user has opened several large windows there will be an automatic use of more memory space within the computer.

If you are using Windows Vista you may use the option of the Basic theme instead. This will not switch off the desktop windows manager but save the use of excess memory space. Its primary function is in the sphere of the desktop appearance of applications. You can see a visible change in appearance and several attributes of changes from the earlier versions of Windows.

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