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6 Tips On How To Advertise On Facebook To Generate More Leads For Your Business

Running a campaign in Facebook can be a painstaking process if not done properly. If you have not had any success up to this point, maybe it is time for a new approach. Take a look at the 6 different ways of How to Advertise on Facebook for your business:

1. Relationship Building Through Facebook Ads

At all costs, avoid sending people directly to a landing page where they are being sold something right away. This is an automatic turn off and you will not get any type of results from this. Since Facebook is a social network, make sure you’re offering value on the front in exchange for their info so that you can consistently follow up with whatever it is you are selling.

2. Split Testing

You will find that your ads will only work for certain demographics. Because of this reason, it is crucial that you continue to split test your ads for different demographic locations. When you do find which category of demographics are the most profitable, put your focus on those and increase your advertising.

3. Write Compelling Ads

When creating your ads, it is important that you have a compelling message. This is when having great copywriting skills come in place. When creating an ad, you only have a few sentences to tap into someone’s emotions as to why they need to click on your ad. If you project a great message, you will get more click through rates. This will in turn create more subscribers. When you reach the point of getting new subscribers, you can then start to market to them.

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4. Have Relevant Ads Directed Towards Your Target’s Interests

When targeting your ads, make sure that your ads or the product that you promote match well with the user interests. User interests and likes are your big chance to winning in this process. Relevancy is important in order to create a good connection between your ads and the users you target. The results will bring in more interest from users to your ads, which in turn will bring more prospective customers for your product.

5. Killer Landing Pages

Many marketers miss this step in the process with their Facebook advertising campaign. You always want to make sure your landing page is not spammy. It is important that it looks appealing in order to capture someone’s email. The users on Facebook will know when they are being linked to a crappy, spammy site, so make sure to put some thought into your landing page when you create it.

6. Don’t Be So Broad

Be cautious with targeting your ads. In order to have an effective ad, you have to narrow your target to reach a smaller audience. You cannot include every person on Facebook. This can quickly increase your budget which can leave your pockets empty. After finding a particular market that is profitable, you will be able to expand from there. Your conversion rates will be much higher when you trim everything down.

That’s It! I have outlined the steps that you can take on How to Advertise on Facebook the right way! If you are new to Facebook advertising or you just haven’t figured it out yet, try implementing these steps to start getting the results you deserve.

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