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11 Steps to Quiet a Noisy Computer – Case Modding

You sit down at your laptop for a quick email check before you leave the house. You hear an unfamiliar noise coming from under the laptop and quickly investigate to see what it is. The fan inside of your laptop has been running constantly, so now that you have turned on the laptop, there’s no way to stop it! Sound familiar? It might be time to quiet those noisy fans with some case modding.

11 Steps to Quiet a Noisy Computer - Case Modding

Why is my computer fan so loud all of a sudden?

There are a few reasons the laptop fan may be louder than usual. The first thing to do is make sure that nothing is blocking the vent on the back of the laptop. If something blocks it, the laptop might get too hot and then make a noise. When you turn on your laptop, air is able to escape through the vent because there is a difference in pressure between the inside and outside of your computer. If you have something blocking the vent (like a book), it will make more noise because there is more pressure on the inside of your laptop.

Steps to quiet laptop fan noise:

Clean the grate on your laptop with a brush. Dust is bad for the cooling air, so it can make more sound than usual if you don’t clean it.

An anti-static laptop stand is a good thing. If you are watching TV in bed, but need to go back to work quickly, then it can be used to adjust the angle of viewing. The stand also helps you avoid warm on your lap.

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If you can use a laptop cooler/fan combo unit, like an Evaporative Air Cooler.

You might want to buy a cooling pad for your laptop. These devices are made to keep the laptop from getting too hot when it is on the go or in use at home.

If you want to stop your laptop from charging, take out the battery! If there’s no power outlet for your laptop, use an external device with a USB or other charger.

Sometimes the sound of a laptop is due to multiple loose screws on fan blades. You can find out by watching videos on YouTube.

If your laptop is making noise, but it’s not hot to the touch, then you might need to clean it out before you start any case modding. Dirt and dust can build up inside the computer and make the fan blades louder over time.

When you are using a laptop, there is always the chance of it overheating if it sits on a flat surface for too long. A laptop stand can be used to prevent this from happening. This stand will help air flow around the computer and keep it from getting too hot.

Make sure there is space between your laptop and other items like things that are hanging from the wall or curtains while you are using it at home. This helps to keep heat from building up because of how close it is to these things.

If you are using a laptop while in bed or reclining, make sure to keep it at least an arm’s length away from your body. This will help avoid heat build up on the laptop and prevent it being too close for comfort.

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You can use laptop cooling software on your computer. This will allow you to control the fan speed or change the CPU speed according to what it needs. You can also do other things like killing background processes that cause excessive battery drain. This is available both through iTunes and Google Play Store for Android devices.

Laptop fans should be quieter when they have more blades. If you can buy a fan with lots of blades, that will make it less noisy.

Place your laptop on top of a metal can like a soda can when it is hot outside. This will help the heat from your laptop go into the can.

Buy laptop cooling pads. The designs are made for laptops and you will not have to worry about noise or anything like that.

If your computer is making a lot of noise, it might be because one blade has loosened screws. If you want to stop the noise from happening, you can buy new blades and then they won’t make the noise anymore. This is a good option for people who don’t know where to start on their own.

Purchase a laptop cooling stand with a fan. The device will have enough power to cool it without making too much noise.

Laptops should never be on top of a flat surface such as a bed or tray table. They can cause other problems. If the laptop is too close to these surfaces, it will get hot and there may be water on the machine. Laptop stands are a good option because you can put them far away from surfaces like this and they will not make your laptop hot or wet.

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Sometimes it is hard to cool down on a hot day. You could use an evaporative cooler instead of a desk fan. The evaporator cooler does not need to spin as fast and will make less noise than the fan that came with your computer.