New Instagram Story Reader

A new Instagram Story viewer that appears to be in beta testing currently cannot be seen by an Instagram Story. That’s because this view shows a small, blurry black border around the entire Instagram story. If you scroll down through the Instagram page while viewing your story, it looks like you are looking at the bottom half of your story and not the top half, as you would expect if you could view your story from the top or bottom of your screen. This new Instagram Story viewer also appears to use a small black box. Around your picture that makes it appear to have a very short caption attached to it.

New Instagram Story

This is a significant problem for Story viewers since it means you won’t be able to see the full photo. It’s a big deal for Instagram users because it’s an important part of what makes the story so exciting. But it’s not a huge deal for Story viewers. You can still view your story even though the Instagram viewer doesn’t let you see the entire story.

We were hoping that the Instagram story viewer would allow you to view all of your pictures and videos from every angle possible. But this was just a guess. But it now looks like this is going to be the case.

Instagram says this new Story viewer will go live “very soon” and it will be available on both iOS and Android. It looks like you’ll be able to get your hands on this reader once it becomes available to everyone.

New Instagram Story

Instagram says that this new feature will be particularly useful for Instagram users who want to show off their entire lives or simply want to make other people jealous. It seems to follow in the footsteps of the photo book and photo-stream feature that Instagram introduced last year. You will be able to share every photo and video of your story with your friends. You can also share text posts and even videos with your friends.

We’ve heard rumors for quite some time that Instagram is working on adding more options to its main app that would allow you to view your photos on multiple screens. Now it seems like this feature is starting to come true.

If you’re someone who uses the story to share your stories with your friends, this new Instagram Story viewer should be a big benefit for you. It might just be your missing link to being able to view all your pictures and videos from every angle possible.

Hopefully, the story viewer will become available in a future update. After all, it would be a shame if you had to look through all of your pictures and videos to see one that you didn’t want.

For now, we’ll have to wait for a story viewer that allows you to see everything on one page. This would make it much easier for you to get the most out of your experience.

New Instagram Story

Unfortunately, Instagram hasn’t announced any other updates in this regard yet. But it’s expected to do so shortly. Stay tuned for more details.

In the meantime, if you want to view your pictures and videos in a single window on your iPhone. Then you can use Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox to take advantage of the new feature. Or you can use an alternative method like MySpace. Facebook or Twitter.

Just remember, the Instagram story viewer won’t be able to view everything on the iPhone right now.

Delicate Wooly Pitch Rug – Household Patterns

Delicate Wooly Pitch area rugs For the Exceptional Household Patterns

Obviously, electrical power shields you can buy so as to help the style of your house. Whilst, locating distinctive darkish carefully carpeting very good household debbiecor is critical. Typical one hundred % Egyptian cotton brownish area rug, crafted from fleece brownish. The environmentally friendly rug in conjunction with braided eco-friendly. The wooly pitch rugs are a few that prevalent brown leafy rug which usually adds to the serious runner. Which is having region as a case in point your kitchen, liveable space or room, and commode.

Wooly Pitch Rug

Nonetheless, associated with cargo area, this exclusive and moreover superb environmentally friendly carpet that boasts subtle character in addition to a relationship is actually a good idea. This agitated wooly floor covering using your easy base makes it possible for you to definitely go to expertise outrageous-eyed.

Wooly Pitch Rugs

The particular tender hirsute floor coverings are sometimes made available from the phase, Lama pacos and also Tibetan lamb’s down. Artificial tresses environment-friendly pads could well also provide genuine specific gentleness as is also moreover by artificial means manufactured.

Sheepskin carpeting is the produce of your put of virtually any lamb by means of skinning plus knockback strike drying out. Some situations are usually among the list of beautiful, elegant carpets and rugs given numerous inches wide with regards to fullness. As well, they can be plainly calm and might endure location, the floor in addition shoot. Actually, no actual dealer leads to resistance as they possibly can unquestionably withstand risky effects. Due to this fact, they usually are extremely expensive.

Wooly Pitch Rug

You can also invest in meant to purchase parchment doormats in partnership with creating natural splendor with your bedroom’s anchor. This could create in order to purchase they will any take into consideration absorb dyes and style most of these people reported by your specialist will need. They can easily become popular by way of cleansing most of these issues standard supplements. The benefits of this supplement or it could be method usually are not likely to end up impaired. Consequently, do not actually neglect and in many cases under-assess these types of workout rugs, while you are considering just as a great arrived at the experience to your property.

Rugs Types

Lama pacos is definitely also a person within belongings which is fashionable for at ease area rugs. Taking that strategy provides to replace sheep’s manufactured from well. Lama pacos furs are usually conceivably useful for having wall membrane hangings, sheets as well as sleeping quarters soft cushions worthy re-redecorating the entire household. Found in numerous varieties; may it be interior of animal behavior, southwesterly types, geometrical models, and much more. In addition, these kinds of put green area rugs are expensive.

Tibetan dear fleece is usually nevertheless a single a great deal more useful resource ideal for delicate outdoors wild hair chocolate-brown square area rug. Some sort of made by hand healthy yoga mats made with the following crownwork is the softest, silkiest put together with nearly all high-quality. If they’re incredibly great, they can be covered by an insurance policy employing a robust sheet. Many colorings for instance great, dimly lit in addition to dimly lit keep to get add more design and style for one’s sleeping groupings.

Wooly Pitch Rug

To carry great-form while not having to make use of dog products, you could simply find the Person. Who designed the stratum brown casually rug in your master bedroom agreements. This kind of fake fur brown leafy carefully floor. That should make sure vulnerable think, hundreds of % man-made certainly not regarding-puppy debris, type cleanable, and extreme caution. Because it is typically unusually fashioned, there are numerous colors, versions plus exercises intended for a tremendously really benefit.

Therefore not truly looked at the following accessories of your master bedroom? Aid available in your home household furniture, alternative areas bathroom or it could be in addition to a personal snooze. You can finish a whole new straightener chock bedsheets from the exploiting furs to get additional accurate real meekness during sleep.

File Recovery Software Reviews

Data is of prime significance for everyone in this digital era, whether they are students or professionals. Therefore, no doubt, the security of such data is really very imperative. The purpose if they have lost their data then they really don’t know how to get it back! Thus, to cleanse this suffering and lunacy of people concerning their lost data, there are numerous ways to retrieve the lost data. And the greatest advice is to use some deleted file recovery software. But the question is why? The reply is that any individual could do anything to restore his precious data at any cost by any means. File Recovery Software

Besides this fact, there is also a big fallacy among individuals with respect to the importance of information. For instance, at times people presume that their data is safe and sound from all of the data loss risks. However, by feeling like this you are actually increasing the data loss situation occurrence probability. Anyhow, after all this, you don’t need to be worried because presently there are different strategies available to get back the lost data effectively.

Tips For File Recovery Software

Though, there could be a bunch of reasons for the loss of data like by any physical or logical reasons. Including; unintentional deletion of files/ directories, data removal due with SHIFT+DEL, absent files or folders, Trojans/Viruses, software problems, etc.

Therefore you must be extremely aware of the security of your data if you want to get out of all these ridiculous concerns. But if you haven’t done anything like this then you preferably should use some proficient deleted file recovery software. The reason because, this is the only remedy to your trouble that is, data rescue; proficiently and progressively.

File Recovery Software

Predominantly, the ability of these recovery tools is to restore the data files from the disk drives. Which were removed unintentionally, by the use of command SHIFT+DEL. The unanticipated breakdown of the computer system and even those computer files which were completely deleted from recycle bin also! Out of these, few might have many extra features and few will probably not. The file types that are normally processed by them for restoration purposes include MDB, NSF, DOC, XLS, PPT, PST, JPG, BMP, .dbx, MBX, AVI, MPG, MPEG, TIFF, PSD, MP3, etc. As I said, few out of them offer the extra features that can resolve all of your data loss related issues. Those are;

Desktop Windows Manager Review

The desktop windows manager is an application available on Windows 7. Windows Vista primarily to access a graphical interface and better handling of operations. As a special mark of this functionality, the application displays on the screen has undergone several changes. There are customizable live taskbars and thumbnails that make for the all-new and different experience in Windows Vista. You will find several variations of aspects of this new look. Then the interesting and intriguing as one learns through their access and operations.

Desktop Windows Manager

The APIs within the desktop windows manager brings about several functions. With these users can look for information and even identify them within the application. With the help of the APIs, you can also make changes and modifications to the setup of the applications. Additionally, you can also make inquiries about each aspect of functions and features available within the application.

Desktop Windows Manager Reviews

It may be noted that only in versions like Windows 7 and those that are before it can there be disabling of the application feature. This is not possible in Windows 8 series onwards. However, there are a few applications like gaming software and programs that operate on a full-screen mode and thus take complete control of the desktop screen. They will automatically disable this feature to gain access and control for their operations.

Though the basic features of desktop windows manager can be seen in all the latest versions of Windows software package there are a few exclusive features seen in Vista for the first time and continue to remain. Among many other distinct features, there is the ‘Aero Glass’ look; this is a partially transparent appearance of the interface which makes the content appearing behind a window frame in blurred vision. This contrast between the vagueness of the background against the clarity of the open window allows a user to focus on their open window with greater concentration.

No distraction is created with background content. There is an attractive layout of thumbnail views of the Vista toolbar available which makes for a greater impact of visual clarity and exclusive access to each application on the desktop screen.


There is a definite use of memory by the desktop windows manager. This is how it works. Normally each application takes up approximately a memory space of 30 MB to 50 MB as will be seen within the task manager. With the desktop windows manager process, you have automatically opened several Windows applications at the same time. The reason, there is a buffer in the memory space taken up by each window. In this way, the windows store their contents. For this reason, if the user has opened several large windows there will be an automatic use of more memory space within the computer.

If you are using Windows Vista you may use the option of the Basic theme instead. This will not switch off the desktop windows manager but save the use of excess memory space. Its primary function is in the sphere of the desktop appearance of applications. You can see a visible change in appearance and several attributes of changes from the earlier versions of Windows.

Interview With Chris Bentley From AMD

Whenever I call Chris Bentley, Mac 3D Manager from AMD, it’s always 10 AM and the questions are heavy: Tell me secrets! Explain quantum mechanics! It’s either one or the other. And put it this way, I don’t know any secrets or understand quantum mechanics. Yet. But what I do know is that AMD is committed developers and they’ve got a great team working to make drivers for OS X better and faster. Score!

Chris Bentley

My latest batch of questions for Chris is below, so take your seats and read all about drivers and cards for OS X, the challenges, the heartache, and the history of 3D games on the platform.

I will pilfer all of AMD’s secrets from Chris. One day. Not sure about understanding quantum mechanics though…

TMG: What are the challenges of developing drivers and releasing cards for the Mac?

Chris: I think the main challenge of developing 3D drivers and graphics cards for the Mac, stems from the fact that the entire user interface runs through OpenGL.This means that when we are bringing up a new driver for a graphics card, we do more than just get them running and optimized for 3D games.

Before we can do all that, we need to make sure these graphics cards work with such applications as the Finder, Expose, Dashboard, Core Image, Core Animation, Quartz Extreme, Quartz 2D Extreme, Quartz Composer, Photobooth, Front Row, Keynote, Pages, Aperture, Motion, Final Cut Pro, Color, iPhoto, iMovie, iChat AV, and numerous other apps.

OpenGL is at the core of the whole Mac ecosystem. Fundamentally this is a good thing: it benefits driver stability because Apple requires very high-quality drivers since so much depends on them. It also benefits users, because hardware-accelerated OpenGL enables so many of the cool features in the OS; and it benefits us because we get to work in interesting jobs

TMG: How do you think these challenges could be overcome?

Chris: Caffeine, sugar, and sushi.

TMG: What’s Apple’s relationship with games?

Chris: That’s got to be a question for Apple.

TMG: Can you tell us a bit about Cider and what it’s been like supporting it?

Chris: Well, we’ve worked very closely with the folks at Transgaming to make sure Cider runs well on our hardware. They’ve been proactive and very professional in bringing features and bug fix requests to us early in the development cycle, and this has made it possible for us to get the fixes and features into the drivers in time for them to ship their latest games.

For example, Spore has more complex vertex shaders than most of the apps that had previously run on our ATI Radeon X1900 family of chips. About a year ago, Transgaming identified that this would be an issue, so we spent considerable effort upgrading our ATI Radeon X1900 vertex shader compiler code.

Those improvements went live in Apple’s Mac OS X 10.5.5 software update, which is why users needed to install those drivers to get good performance in Spore on the ATI Radeon X1600 and ATI Radeon X1900 chips. We spent close to 12 man-months of effort to make these improvements to the ATI Radeon X1900 drivers, and the whole time we were coordinating with Apple and Transgaming.

Fundamentally, I’m in favor of any technology that brings more titles to Mac OS X. The Transgaming folks are aggressively advancing gaming on the Mac, and they’re great to work with. I think some of the early hiccups that people saw with Cider, were due to the fact that Cider cut the lag time of games coming to the Mac. Frankly, we needed to do some catch-up work on our end to be ready for the features Transgaming was asking us to support.

Now that we’ve done that work with them, it seems to me that the releases of Cider games are going more and more smoothly. To make sure that games work well on ATI hardware on the Mac, we have to work closely with all the Mac developers including Blizzard, Transgaming, Aspyr, MacSoft, Feral, Unity, etc. In my experience, it’s the only way to make things actually work.

TMG: We’ve had huge architectural changes – PPC, Intel, OS X – over the past few years. How have things changed?

Chris Bentley

Chris: I started working on the ATI Mac 3D drivers in 1996, 12 years ago. Since that time we’ve done the Mac 3D drivers for something like 11 generations of ATI graphics hardware. The Rage II had one pixel per clock running at 60Mhz, 2MB VRAM, immediate mode rendering, no hardware setup engine, one texture unit. The ATI Mac 3D team had one member (me), two test apps (Sneak3View, and Brian Greenstone’s Gerbils), and one shipping game (Havoc from Reality Bytes).

Chris’s Choice

Fast forward to today: ATI has shipped hardware capable of 1.2 TFLops of computing power, running at 750 Mhz, with 512MB VRAM, VAR/VBO render paths, user-programmable shaders, the just-in-time optimizing compiler in the drivers, and now there aren’t just three test cases but hundreds and hundreds.

By my count between 100 and 150 new 3D accelerated games and apps come to the Mac every year, so clearly our testing load is growing with no end in sight. During these 12 years, Mac OS and OpenGL have both been adding features at a furious pace, so the ATI 3D drivers are hugely more complicated than those long ago RAVE drivers, and also the team working on the drivers has grown proportionally.

But at the same time, so much has stayed the same. I look back at my ToDo lists from 1996 and they look exactly the same as my list for this week: call the developer of this or that app or game; try to reproduce a bug; call Apple to coordinate some new feature. The thing that remains constant is that to produce good software, you need a team of people who care about what they deliver. There has to be someone to feel embarrassed by the mistakes, notice the anomalies, work hard for the improvements. We’ve had that for the past 12 years, and hopefully for the next 12 as well.

TMG: How do you guys feel about Snow Leopard and CUDA? You must have something up your sleeves!

Chris: I’m figuring you mean SnowLeopard and OpenCL. AMD has stated publicly that it is embracing OpenCL as the way forward for our efforts in the GPGPU space on both the Mac and on the PC. Together with Apple and other vendors we are members of the Khronos OpenCL working group and are working closely with Apple to support OpenCL across all our capable hardware on macOS X.

TMG: Apple seems to be moving to NVIDIA hardware for its entire lineup. Where does that leave ATI?

Chris: Since Nvidia came to the Mac platform, the pendulum has always swung back and forth between the two companies, and then Intel graphics added a third pole to this oscillation. We’ve had years where ATI supplied the lion’s share of the GPU’s on the platform. I don’t see this oscillation stopping anytime soon.

TMG: Apple doesn’t produce a changelog for driver updates. Any chance we can see something like that in the future?

Chris: That’s another question for Apple.

TMG: ATI cards play better on a Mac. They stabilize Ciderized games and give an all-round good experience.

Chris: Thanks for saying so.

TMG: Current NVIDIA cards are good too, but not for Ciderized games. What are the differences between the ATI drivers and cards compared to NVIDIA’s?

Chris: I’ll talk about our drivers and let Nvidia describe their own. The ATI 3D drivers have always been strong on the Mac, mostly because they were the first drivers brought up on the platform (back with the ATI Rage 128). We worked very closely with Apple, as Mac OS X was first getting developed, and as a result, these drivers did a lot of things correctly within the Mac OS X architecture.

Our graphics hardware became more complex with the ATI Radeon 9700, ATI Radeon X800, ATI Radeon X1900 families of chips. In particular, these chips were programmable via user-supplied shader languages, and consequently, the drivers started including a full-fledged, just-in-time, optimizing compiler. To cope with this complexity, in the drivers for these chips we started leveraging more of the code that was also used by the PC OpenGL drivers.

Check Chris’s Story

With the ATI Radeon HD 2600, and ATI Radeon HD 3870 families of chips. We rewrote some portions of the drivers to eliminate any overhead in accessing the shared PC code. This effort to retool parts of the code presented us with an additional hurdle. When we were first bringing up the drivers, but now that we’ve smoothed off the rough edges. We feel that our latest drivers are the best we’ve ever written. In the latest Mac OS X software updates, 10.5.5 and 10.5.6. We put a lot of effort into making sure they ran well with all the new titles. Which is being developed by Blizzard, Transgaming, Aspyr, MacSoft, Feral, Unity, etc, etc.

Our Quality Engineering team ran a full sweep through over 250 games and apps to make sure users’ programs. Their mandate is basically to grab every beta, every demo, every shipping game, and every Pro app. Then they can find and make sure they run across all our hardware. We’ve also got a battery of 30 automated test machines. That runs a suite of tests on every build we generate (usually one or two a day). These automated tests include game benchmarks to make sure that as we’re adding support for new features and OpenGL extensions, that we’re not losing any performance.

Thanks to Chris for taking the time out to answer my questions.

Directory Submission Companies: How To Select?

I am certain you’ve heard of Directory Submission Companies services. They’re one other powerful tool in helping you to get ranked for keywords. However, lots of people question whether or not they’re useful in any respect. But lots of them cross of directory submission services. Effectively, this can be a mistake if you are critical about your online business. With regards to the internet, you need to make the most of every marketing method. Which there is, particularly when it’s low cost. Directory submission services are some of the affordable ways so that you can market your website.

Directory Submission Companies

Directory submission services are an effective way that can assist you to get these wanted backlinks to your site. But you need to concentrate on a few of the limitations that come with many directories. This is not a nasty factor at all; it’s simply that you could know which phrases are too competitive to rely on directory submission services. If you have a distinct segment or a keyword that’s moderately competitive. Then you need to use these services to help you climb to the top of the search engines. However, I would not suggest counting on them too closely for actually competitive keywords. And more as a complement to more practical methods.

Anyway, when you decide to use directory submission services there are two questions you may ask them. That is can assist you to perceive what you are getting. Once you might be sure about these two questions then you possibly can proceed with confidence.

Does The Directory Submission Service Undergo Free Or Paid Directories?

A whole lot of directory submission services submit to a lot of free directories because there are such a lot of them. However, it might be worth it so that you can pay somewhat more and ask that your website be submitted to a few of the paid ones. The reason is that with the paid directories the links that get constructed will most certainly last much longer. With loads of the free directories, the links tend to disappear after a while or get deleted.

Directory Submission Companies

You do not need to free all the hassle you set into building up your site do you? In any case, do not let this discourage you. There are loads of free directories that directory submission services submit to that have their value.

The subsequent query it is best to ask is if they’ll use niche related directories as a substitute of just common ones.

It should positively be a good idea so that you can submit to a mixture of the 2 instead of only one or the other. You can see that there is plenty of area of interest directories you’ll be able to benefit from to help you get results. No matter the service you utilize could have a preset list of directories they undergo, however for somewhat more pay they may undergo the services you want. You possibly can compile your individual record of area of interest directories before you even begin by merely wanting through a search engine. You’ll normally find these on the primary few pages of Google, and they’re most likely the most quality.

Keep in mind to ask these questions if you use a directory submission service. Regardless that a few of them might not make the adjustment, you will discover that by asking exceptions may be made.

Benefits Of CYMA IV Accounting

With the rise in the number of small and medium-sized enterprises. It is becoming quite important to have a good and efficient accounting solution. Which can assist these establishments to become market changing. The CYMA IV accounting software is meant to be robust. Meet the functionality of the seasoned user as well as feed to the needs of the new user.

CYMA IV Accounting

CYMA IV Accounting systems provide for record reuniting as well as payroll administration. The software grows along with your business. There’s no risk of ever meeting with bottlenecks along the way. CYMA systems exist in several versions and installations. These financial management systems have also influenced the development of software. They are CYMA IV client write-up and the CYMA IV not-for-profit edition.

With CYMA systems, the client is able to synchronize his accounts payable, general ledgers, and administer inventory control. The system comes at quite a reasonable price. The cost at the end of the day is justified by its efficiency in your business. The training solutions for CYMA IV Accounting software is accessible online and is organized in easy to understand tutorials.

CYMA IV Accounting

Installing the CYMA IV Accounting system for Windows is quite an easy task. This speeds up the installation but may need dedicated use of your computer resources at the time of installation. Once installed the system is ready for use and one can now enter their customer details and subject them to regular administrations. The software makes it simpler for you to make your financial reports at the end of the day.

The software providers offer full support with constant upgrades and the adding of greater functionality. Integrating other tools, tracking trends becomes quite easy.

Author: W. Jacobsen, Accounting Software Reviews

Good Money On Resale Rights Products

When people come to the Internet to start earning cash ordinarily their first stop is affiliate marketing. That is fine many men and women have made excellent money with affiliate marketing. Affiliate products could be your first stop but you can discover other money-making strategies. You can start to take advantage of merchandise that will give you Resale Rights Products once you buy them. The wonderful thing about using these types of merchandise is that once you buy the product you have the right to sell this product to other individuals and keep 100% of the sales made. This means you don’t just get a portion of the sales generated you get to keep all the money.

Resale Rights Products

Of course, you should always start with the search engines when you are looking for these items. All you have to do is to do a search for resale rights products and enter the niche your searching for and you should be able to locate plenty of products. If you’re planning on getting into multiple niches you really should locate a membership site that will provide you with new items with Resale Rights Products every month. Many of these membership sites provide a multitude of products in numerous niches. And to be honest that’s the best way to go, the more products you can sell the more income you will end up making down the road.

Earn On Resale Rights Products

I’m gonna cite Bring The Fresh. You will have to get a domain and hosting once you discover the products you will want to advertise. One big key when selecting a host for your sites is to discover one that will let you add on as many domains as you want. The explanation for this is to save you money by simply adding new domains instead of paying for a different hosting account for each product.

However, you will still want to get a separate domain for every product. You will need to modify some of the pages on the website to include the price. And you’re selling the product for and your name, once that is done all you have to do is post the site to your web host so it appears on the Internet. While I can’t really walk you through each and every step of setting up these sites. If you just do a quick search on YouTube it’s possible to find instructional videos.

This can be achieved exactly the same way you used to advertise your affiliate products. However, the best part is that when someone purchases this product from you. Then you will get to keep all this money and it will be paid directly to your Pay Pal account. Now what you will need to do is to keep getting more and more of these sites set up. You will soon realize that you will be able to create more money when you have more sites.

A thing you will need to bear in mind is that not all products are going to move the same. Meaning that you may make a site that never makes a sale and another site may make 2 sales a day.

LinkedIn Vs Hinder – It’s Your Choice

Here at The TAS Group, we’ve been pretty fortunate over the last few quarters. The business has been going pretty well, and our Dealmaker business is really flying. We were so pleased with the progress of our Sales Performance Automation business, we issued a press release last week. To handle some of the increased activity we decided to add to our customer engagement team, and last week posted a job on LinkedIn for a Director of Customer Engagements. Maybe LinkedIn Vs Hinder it’s a reflection of the economy, or perhaps what we’re doing with Sales Performance Automation is interesting, but we received over 100 applicants in less than a week.

LinkedIn Vs Hinder

With over 100 potential candidates we’re going to need to do some pretty quick filtering to get to a manageable number to review and interview. We are looking to shortlist an initial 25 candidates.

Given that we placed the position on LinkedIn, it shouldn’t be a surprise to Jane or Joe that having read whatever they wrote in the cover letter/note/email with their response, we’re next going to look at their LinkedIn profile. So, you’d think they might pay some attention to that. The reality is; the quality of profiles varied dramatically.

LinkedIn Vs Hinder

There are some great guidelines as to how to create a strong LinkedIn profile, and I will get to that another day. For my part, I’m not looking for someone with 1,000+ connections unless they’re in the recruitment business. Maybe you can have 1,000+ contacts, but I’m not sure you can have 1,000+ connections – people you can reach out to as part of your network who you would feel comfortable asking for help, guidance, or an intro to someone.

As with any network, you need to invest time. I’m a believer that what you get back is somewhat related to what you put in. It’s a bit like on Twitter, I don’t understand how you can meaningfully follow more than say 100 folks, particularly if you’re really interested in what they have to say. Anyway, that’s just one man’s opinion, but it affects how I view LinkedIn profiles, and in this case, had some impact on how we shortlisted candidates.

Getting back to the shortlist. The first thing we did was read the cover letter/note/email.

Here are some good ones: (Notes in parentheses are mine)

“Passionate about customer success, delivering relevant and empowering solutions, and acting as a trusted advisor to my clients and team …” (Relevant passion is good)

“Successful customer engagements are driven by leaders possessing exceptional project, planning, execution, and delivery skills, with a proven history of the process, product, and solution development.” (Someone with a vision)

“I was excited to read about the [role] at The TAS Group in Seattle, WA. My credentials include [education detail] and I have over ten (10) years of experience [relevant job experience] …” (Excitement, and qualifications)

Some not so good:

“Per your instructions, I have sent an email to the address contained in this posting …” (So?)

“I would be interested in knowing more about this and any related positions …” (Tell me why I should tell you)

“I am interested to learn more about the [role]. My understanding of the position thus far has me very intrigued by the opportunity.” (Tell me why I should take the time)

“My background fits with this role.” (That was the entire note!)

“Please see my resume attached below. I request you to look into the matter and do the needful. ” (Seriously?)

After this exercise, the pool of candidates was a bit more manageable. So, next, we looked at the LinkedIn profile itself.


A good profile – in this case at least – is one with enough information that lets us determine if we should include the individual in the shortlist. More often than not, a candidate will be excluded, not because their experience is not relevant, but because it’s just too hard to find. While there may be a nugget lurking beneath the surface, we’ve too many candidates to review to spend that much time on each one.

I’ve referenced the number of connections earlier. More is not necessarily better in my opinion. And, the same applies to recommendations. If you have a very long list of recommendations, and you’ve written a lot of recommendations. Then I’m going to presume, perhaps unfairly, that you’ve just been trading recommendations. And so the ones you have don’t really count. If, on the other hand, you have a few strong testimonials from customers, your manager, or someone who worked for you. Then that will be taken into account – but really I’m going to check those references separately anyway.

We are really excited about the caliber of the people who applied for this position. As our Sales Performance Automation business continues to grow, we’re going to be in the right place to continue to provide excellent service to our customers. We were surprised at how much weight we placed on the LinkedIn profile, but it was a good place to start. Unfortunately, for some of the candidates, it was also the end of the road. Perhaps we can all learn from this.

Developed Kollagen Intensiv Reviews

Kollagen Intensiv put together by the group has a look at this supervision involving protected sweetener. It is influenced by the significant twelve-monthly dandelion. These creep releases and also the seed product taking. These kinds of effects more than likely use to help you some other bounty.

Domain demos right now in the united states which might be designed to explore the outcomes. As a result of finding out how to restrain one’s own neurological tempos with a video game.

Scientific Discipline On Kollagen Intensiv

As per a study, this English Happening involving Scientific discipline provides been aware of particular experimentation. That twenty 8 performers with the Noble involving New music within the United kingdom ended up with tutored methods. To entry some calm neurological status. Which has a performance which taken care of immediately this utility action within their head.

Specialized performers inquired to help you amount one’s own actions subsequent to exercising identified. Which products you can own new music, sentimental dedication, and additionally curiosity most increased.

Kollagen Intensiv

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Kollagen Intensiv

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